10 Reasons Why Santa Claus is a Time Lord

1. He travels the world in one night able to deliver presents to every child and evade time.

2. He has a flying sled.

3. He wears the most outrageous and eccentric clothing: red suit trimmed with white fur.

4. His mission is to protect the innocence of children and create peace.

5. He is very, very old. Regenerating to different races and nationalities.

6. He has many loyal companions (elves).

7. His name, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Nick Frost, is his alias much like “The Doctor”.

8. “He knows if you’ve been good or bad” as all Time Lords can read minds.

9. The “North Pole” has an invisibility cloak around it much like a TARDIS.

10. His bag is bigger on the inside.

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